Title Silas Mainville Burroughs : the missing story.
Imprint United Kingdom : Oxford Brookes University Television Studio for the Wellcome Trust, 1999.

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Entire title
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Physical description 1 encoded moving image (29.21 min.) : sound, color
Partial contents Segment 1 Sir Roger Gibbs of the Wellcome Trust introduces the film and briefly outlines how Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs met and formed their business. He also says that whilst Henry Wellcome's biography has been well documented and discussed, Silas Burroughs' has not. Len Goodwin, of the Wellcome Trust Film Unit, introduces Richard and Joan Stillwell, his neighbours. Richard Stillwell is the grandson of Silas Burroughs. Richard and Joan discuss their family and show Silas Burroughs' notebooks and belongings, which the family have kept since he died. Time start: 00:00:00:00 Time end: 00:07:22:02 Length: 00:07:22:02
Segment 2 Len Goodwin narrates Burroughs' life story, including his move from America to England, his pharmaceutical career and his travels around the world. His notebooks from his travels are used to give an indication of his personality. Time start: 00:07:22:02 Time end: 00:14:43:20 Length: 00:07:21:18
Segment 3 Extracts from Burroughs' notebooks are read out, including ideas for pharmaceutical packaging, examples of his devout Christianity, examples of his 'taste for the ladies', including Indian and Australian women, and indications that he was becoming irritated with business partner Henry Wellcome. Burroughs then marries and settles in England. Joan Stillwell talks about Burroughs' children. Postcards to his family from his travels are shown. Time start: 00:14:43:20 Time end: 00:22:16:02 Length: 00:07:32:07
Segment 4 The Burroughs Wellcome company prospered. Burroughs' work ethics and political ideals are described. He was a well-known writer and also composed a comic opera. He is described as liberal for his time, and was a supporter of women's and workers' rights. Burroughs and Wellcome began to quarrel. Their personalities are described as very different. Burroughs death from pneumonia in Monte Carlo is described. The division of his estate is described. The narrator remarks that his staff were very fond of him and erected a memorial to him. Time start: 00:22:16:02 Time end: 00:29:20:24 Length: 00:07:04:22
Credits Written by Drs. L.G. and Marie Goodwin. Produced and Directed by Dr. Max Blythe (Oxford Brookes Univ.) and Dr. L.G. Goodwin. Introduced by Sir Roger Gibbs (Wellcome Trust). Narrated by Dr. L.G. Goodwin.
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Summary An overview of the life and work of Silas Mainville Burroughs (1847-1895), pharmacist and co-founder of the Burroughs Wellcome pharmaceutical company. Based on the Burroughs family papers formerly in the possession of Richard and Joan Stillwell, of Finchampstead, Berks., now held in the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre of the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine, London. Much of the image content of the programme is taken directly from letters, journals, photographs, memorabilia and artefacts in the Burroughs archive. 4 segments.
Target audience General public
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Copyright Wellcome Trust; 2009
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Author, etc. Wellcome, Henry S. (Henry Solomon), Sir, 1853-1936.
Burroughs, Silas Mainville.
Gibbs, Roger (Roger Geoffrey), Sir, 1934-
Goodwin, L. G. (Leonard George)
Stilwell, Richard.
Stillwell, Joan.
Burroughs Wellcome and Company.
Topic-MESH Drug Industry -- history.
Place name England.
Genre/Technique Encoded moving images.
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