Title Tuberculosis.
Imprint United States, [date of publication not identified]

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Segment 3
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Entire title
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Segment 1
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Segment 2
Physical description 1 encoded moving image (16.23 min.) : silent, black and white
Partial contents Segment 1 A doctor is shown in a laboratory. He is artifically growing tubercle bacillus. He stains them so show them clearly in a microscope view. The intertitles explain that these bacteria cause tuberculosis. The anatomy of the lung area is explained using a labelled diagram. Lung tissue is seen under a microscope. The intertitles explain what happens when the body tries to fight tubercles. Time start: 00:00:00:00 Time end: 00:04:38:06 Length: 00:04:38:06
Segment 2 A doctor examines a young boy for early signs of tuberculosis. After a physical examination the doctor gives the tuberculin test, which is read 48 hours later. The method of preparing tuberculin for this test is shown and explained. The young boy has a dark spot on his skin on the test site, showing that he has been exposed to tubercle bacilli. Time start: 00:04:38:06 Time end: 00:09:30:09 Length: 00:04:52:03
Segment 3 An x-ray of the boy's chest is taken. The x-ray is shown and the infected area of the lung pointed out. The boy is taken to a 'preventorium' or sanatorium in the countryside to avoid further infection and receive a few months of 'intensive health training'. A typical day at the preventorium is seen, with children resting, playing and eating. Time start: 00:09:30:09 Time end: 00:16:23:22 Length: 00:06:53:13
Credits Produced by Eastman Classroom Films in co-operation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Tuberculosis Association.
Access Unrestricted
Summary Gives simple diagrams of pathology of tuberculosis bacilli and shows school health examination, tuberlin testing, preparation of tuberculin, x-ray and treatment of suspected case. 3 segments.
Target audience Health care personnel
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Copyright British Medical Association; Wellcome Trust 2008
Topic-MESH Respiratory System.
Communicable Diseases.
Place name United States.
Genre/Technique Encoded moving images.
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